“Please let there be a CBD guide”. (says everyone)

We receive more messages from people curious/confused about which CBD is right for them.  What’s the difference between the isolate and broad spectrum? Once you choose that, THEN you need to pick your milligrams. Here’s a no fail punch list for choosing the right CBD for you. 

Choose Your CBD:

Broad Spectrum – I want CBD + all the hemp plant elements (NO THC)

Isolate – I want only CBD benefits with NO additional hemp plant properties/extracts (NO THC, Military & Law Enforcement customers choose this form often as well as those sensitive to plant extracts.)

Then Choose Milligrams:

250mg – Hi. I’m using this as a wellness product + possibly other CBD products. 

500mg – Hi. I’m using this as my wellness product solely – I want a solid daily dose. 

1000mg – Hi. I may have immunity, sleep or pain concerns in addition to my wellness dose.

1500mg – Hi. Same as ^^ just more CBD please.

3000mg – Hi. I definitely want the fullest milligrams available to me. 

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